Introduction: Learn more about tekstwerk•com

Around 1980, the print world's centre of focus shifted towards digital job preparation and text processing was integrated into the layout process. Consequently, foreign language versions became easier and large suppliers started working on an international level. Around the year 2000, online retailing became extremely popular and large suppliers started offering their products and services online and printed media was converted into virtual publications or “e-catalogues”.  Since then, there have been rapid developments in e-commerce, requiring a quick response in terms of anticipation, adaptation and implementation. Years of expertise at tekstwerk.com enable us to give you full guidance and advice and to take care of much of the work.  We provide a full service package for cross-border e-commerce including:
•    drafting/translating product descriptions
•    professional content management
•    target group and culture specific direct marketing
•    native speaking customer service
tekstwerk.com can offer specifically tailored services for your organisation.  In your pursuit of conquering new markets, we will prove a reliable, trustworthy partner.  You will have one contact for all your business abroad: direct and personal contact. We would like to work with you to achieve your goals.



Management and traffic

At tekstwerk•com, our management team builds and maintains client contacts, making internal briefing simpler and ensuring short and direct lines of communication to all clients. The traffic department manages planning and takes care of prompt delivery.



The translation process is largely automated at tekstwerk•com and is tailor-made for every client and product range. Our internal editing team manages a team of international native speakers/professional translators who take care of quality control and final editing. Thanks to our ample commercial experience, all your copywriting, headlines, descriptive copy and selling points are in good hands, with a consistent and reliable adaptation as a result.


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In some special cases, tekstwerk•com's clients can make use of the on-line translation service and immediately upload and download files.