Philosophy: Simplicity pays off



tekstwerk•com's philosophy is simple and effective: the ideal translation and localisation must be quick, effortless, transparent and convenient in every way, resulting in a complete solution for the client.

In most cases, texts in publications are stored in a database and subsequently identified and coded for the layout software. At tekstwerk•com, this identification and coding is preserved in the translation process. This provides the entire process with vital quality and efficiency advantages. Manual editing of the texts is limited to the absolute minimum and is only done on an intrinsic level during final editing by the translator/native speaker. The structure of the delivered database remains exactly the same upon completion, ensuring that the correct localisation runs smoothly.

Thanks to our decade-long experience, tekstwerk•com is capable of reacting quickly and flexibly to special wishes. A constantly refined quality control procedure ensures our guarantee of the best possible end product. This method allows us to provide the client with a convenient and manageable process in terms of time and costs.


Sleutel tot succes


A year-long, in-depth evaluation of our clients’ requirements has helped us develop an approach providing the client with the following advantages:

  • reduced complexity
  • faster production cycles
  • shorter production time
  • quality improvement
  • cost reduction
  • transparency
  • workflow management
  • simple management

Innovative tools

tekstwerk•com is platform independent: the client simply exports the texts that need editing to a container file with an excel, xml or csv file structure, complete with identification labelling and layout coding. During the automatic adaptation by tekstwerk•com, this all remains intact. For the manual editing and final inspection, the professional translator makes use of a viewer developed by tekstwerk•com. This software shows both the original and the translated text from the source file. The translated text can then be edited, after which everything is automatically saved; this makes the final editor's job easier and faster. These ideal circumstances contribute strongly to the process optimisation and provide better quality.


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In some special cases, tekstwerk•com's clients can make use of the on-line translation service and immediately upload and download files.