Language as a marketing tool



Over the years, tekstwerk•com has offered its services to many clients internationally. For instance, introductions to markets in the Netherlands, Russia, Denmark, England, France and Spain were made with positive feedback and always resulting in a long-term cooperation.

tekstwerk•com provides a reliable translation and localisation service quickly and effectively within an agreed schedule for catalogues, leaflets, brochures, flyers, website content, instructions, manuals, forms, customer correspondence, e-mail modules and everything else regarding making the transition abroad.

Naturally, multilingual projects are also included within our portfolio.


A year-long, in-depth evaluation of our clients’ requirements has helped us develop an approach providing the client with the following advantages:

  • reduced complexity
  • faster production cycles
  • shorter production time
  • quality improvement
  • cost reduction
  • transparency
  • workflow management
  • simple management

Product ranges

tekstwerk•com is an all-rounder specialised in, amongst others,

  • multimedia
  • furniture
  • ladies' fashion
  • men's fashion
  • fitness
  • beauty & wellness
  • home appliance
  • telephony
  • home textiles
  • shoes
  • lingerie
  • children's fashion
  • underwear
  • swimwear
  • sportswear
  • toys
  • wedding fashion
  • interior styling
  • kitchen styling
  • communication
  • outdoor & trekking
  • tools



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In some special cases, tekstwerk•com's clients can make use of the on-line translation service and immediately upload and download files.